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Most customizable form service for
web agencies

Kwes Forms is the most complete developer-focused form builder on the internet. Build any form you need. No drag and drop, no unnecessary complications.

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How it Works

Easily set up advanced forms for your clients on any platform

1. Wrap your form

Build your form with the HTML/CSS we all know and love, then wrap your form in a <div class="kwes-form">.

<div class="kwes-form">
    <form method="POST">
        <input type="text">
        <button type="submit">Submit</button>
* Use your finger to scroll horizontally.

2. Add validation rules

Add our validation rules inside a "rules" attribute on your field and enjoy validating frontend/backend at the same time.

<div class="kwes-form">
    <form method="POST">
        <input type="text" rules="required|min:3">
        <button type="submit">Submit</button>
* Use your finger to scroll horizontally.

3. Connect your form to Kwes

Add the form endpoint URL we provide to your form action, along with our javascript link before your closing </body> tag.

<div class="kwes-form">
    <form method="POST" action="https://kwes.io/xxxx">
        <input type="text" rules="required|min:3">
        <button type="submit">Submit</button>

<script src="https://kwes.io/js/kwes.js"></script>
* Use your finger to scroll horizontally.


Our customers really love us!

Form Maker Components

Build very advanced forms in minutes

Advanced fields

Build your forms with special formatted form fields like date-pickers or credit-cards by changing the "type" attribute. Easy as pie.

Dynamic data

Add calculated fields or try real-time answer piping in seconds with our easy to use syntax.

Conditional logic

Hide and show anything you want with Kwes show/hide statements based on field values.

Form Validation

The only form service offering 49 validation Rules

Frontend + backend validation

Add validation rules once and enjoy the beauty of frontend validation with the security of backend validation at the same time.

49 validation rules

All the validation rules you will ever need at your fingertips. Whether you need simple or complex rules, we got it all.

As-you-type validation

Improve user experience and conversion on your form with our as-you-type validation.

Spam Protection

Block 97.3% of spam submissions automatically

Machine learning A.I.

With the power of Machine Learning A.I. we automatically and securely scan every textarea field in your form for spammy content.

Multiple layers of protection

We block 97.3% of spam with our multiple layers of protection including Machine Learning A.I. Sit back and watch the clean submissions come in.

Trust your submissions

Dealing with an inbox full of spam submissions results in wasted time and lost leads. Wouldn't it be nice to only get real submissions? With Kwes you will.

29043 Spam submissions blocked to date


Manage your data with a frictionless workflow

Manage your data collection

Don't let your submissions just sit in an inbox. With Kwes you'll have a beautiful dashboard to view your data and export it to csv.


Share the data from your form submissions with over 1000+ applications thanks to our native and Zapier integrations. Accept payments with Stripe.

Access data through JSON API

Have extra control over your form submission data with our well-documented JSON API.


Send your form emails with confidence

Pristine sending reputation

It's important that your emails reach the intended inbox and not its junk folder. That's why we take pride in protecting our senders' reputation to ensure deliverability.

Email logic

Send the right email to the right person based on form data with our simple email logic controls.

Easy Markdown editor

Edit your confirmation/notification emails with the widely used Markdown syntax that everyone loves.

Beautiful emails by default

Building beautiful emails are a lot of work and is time consuming. Not anymore, with Kwes your transactional emails are beautiful by default.


Need more?
check out all of our features

Local testing

Test your forms locally before you push to your live server.

No tampering

Our forms are automatically set up in a way that prevents dev-tool tampering.

Unlimited data

We offer unlimited data retention on all of our pricing plans.

Form sharing

Share your forms with your clients and with other members of your team.

Edit user data

Edit form data on your backend after it has already been submitted.

Multiple forms

Set up multiple forms on the same page without any hassle!


Connect to over 1,500 apps through our Zapier integration.


Send Kwes form data over to your app after a submission is received.

Collect payments

Easily collect payments through our Stripe integration and credit-card components.

CSV export

Export and download all of your submission data to a CSV file.

Formatted fields

Add fields like datepickers, country drop-downs, and credit-card's in seconds.

Double validation

Validate frontend & backend at the same time with only one line of code.

Repeater Fields

Enable a form user to repeat a group of fields as many times as needed.

Multistep Forms

Divide a form into multiple steps only showing a few questions at a time.

Email logic

Send your emails according to conditional logic that you specify in your settings.

Logo on emails

Add your own logo to any incoming and outgoing emails from your forms.

Unstyled emails

Send un-branded regular emails rather than our styled emails if necessary.

72 languages

choose what language to display your validation error messages.


Redirect your form to any page after it's been successfully submitted.

Form messages

Display success/error messages on your form without having to redirect or reload.

File uploads

Upload from 5GB to 40GB depending on your selected Kwes Forms plan.

Calculated fields

Perform calculations between multiple fields and display totals.

Answer piping

Insert or "pipe" a field value anywhere on your form.

Hide/Show logic

Show or hide anything inside your form based on field values or any other boolean.

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