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A Better Laravel Form Builder

Create a form with frontend and backend validation, full spam protection, form building components, and more, faster than ever before.

Much Better Form Validation

Our validation improves Laravels form validation by offering frontend and backend validation at the same time while only writing your rules once. Kwes also improves your form conversion with as-you-type validation errors.

Name must be atleast 3 characters
<input type="text" rules="required|min:3|max:20">

Form Builder Components

Add advanced fields like datepickers and credit cards to your Laravel html forms by simply changing the input type. With our dynamic data feature you can also easily add calculated fields, hide and show anything with our frontend conditionals, and reactively answer pipe field data.

<input type="datepicker" name="date">

Complete Spam Protection

No need for adding recaptchas or honey pots to your Laravel forms. Kwes offers complete form protection with several spam filters including A.I. No setup required, our spam protection is 100% automatic.

Webhooks and Integrations

Send the submitted data back to your Laravel app with our webhooks, or send it anywhere else with our native and Zapier integrations. Control your data easily, and quickly.

Autoresponder Emails in Seconds

No mail server setup required to send emails for your Laravel forms. Kwes handles all the notification and confirmation emails. Customize your message in Markdown and send it using our email logic.

Dashboard Management

No need to build a submissions dashboard in your Laravel app. View and manage all of your form submission data with our easy to use dashboard. Invite customers or team members to view your data as well.

Use a Better Form Builder for Laravel

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