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Repeater Fields Silver Plan

A repeater field allows you to wrap a group of fields together and enable a form user to repeat the fields as many times as needed.

Creating a Repeater Field

Create a repeater field by following these two steps:

  • Wrap the fields that will be repeated inside a <fieldset class="kw-repeater">. If you add a "fieldset" tag without the class it will be treated like a regular "fieldset" and not a repeater field.
  • Give the fieldset a "name" attribute like name="a_unique_name".
Acceptable Fields

All field types and Kwes advanced fields can be used inside a repeater EXCEPT:

  • Credit-card fields
  • File-uploads
  • Nested repeater fields
Styling the Repeater Field Buttons

When a repeater is active, an "Add" button appears to add more fields, and a "Remove" button appears to remove fields. They both get the class of .kw-fieldgroup-button. You can use this class to add stylings to both buttons.

They also each get a separate classes in case you want to target the buttons individually.

  • The add button gets the class of .kw-fieldgroup-button-add
  • The remove button gets this class of .kw-fieldgroup-button-remove.

<fieldset class="kw-repeater" name="attendee_info">

    <!-- Add the fields you want to repeat in here -->